What Is The Best Mulch For Landscaping A New York or Connecticut Home?

Mulch isn’t the prettiest word in landscaping lingo, but it’s a wonderful thing. It can help to conserve water, shield your plants’ roots from temperature extremes and discourage the growth of weeds. Over time, mulches made from organic materials break down and increase your soil’s fertility. Plus, it looks good. Decorative mulch can add color … Continued

5 Affordable Landscaping Ideas To Increase Your Property Value

Curb appeal isn’t just some urban myth that real estate agents peddle. It’s a real thing. Adding landscaping to your property boosts your curb appeal AND your property value. Decorating trends come and go, but landscaping endures. It adds value to your property right away, and its value increases as your trees and plants get … Continued

The Best Trees And Shrubs For A Natural Privacy Fence

Sure, that towering stone wall with the drawbridge over the moat will give you the privacy you crave. But that seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it? How about using beautiful shrubs and trees for privacy? Let’s take a look at some of the best trees and shrubs for a natural privacy fence.

Smart Landscaping: 4 Tips For Energy Efficient Landscaping

When the summer heat gets too intense, we instinctively head for the shade. If your overheated house could scoot underneath a big shade tree to cool off, it would likely join you. The next best thing: give your home its own shade. Planting the right trees in the right places helps cool your home in … Continued

What Is Dormant Oil Spray And When Do My Trees Need It?

Here we are once again in the strange land of horticulture vocabulary. Dormant oil spray. What is dormant oil spray? Do I need it? Do I need to be dormant when I spray it? No, you don’t need to be dormant, but your trees do. This is one of those things that you need to … Continued

10 Winter Pruning Tips For Trees And Shrubs

Yes, it’s cold and snowy outside, but it’s time to bundle up and spend some quality  time with your deciduous trees and shrubs. Winter is actually the best time of year to prune deciduous plants. Your reward for braving the cold? Your bare-branched beauties will burst out with vigorous new growth in the spring. Pruning … Continued

Our Top 4 Backyard Patio Design Plans To Consider In 2015

It’s easy to picture yourself enjoying a new patio. A comfortable chair, a cold beverage, maybe a few friends to share in the fun. But one key detail remains: What shape should it be? The experts at Neave Landscaping hear that question a lot. After decades of designing custom patios in all shapes and sizes, … Continued

The 8 Best Foundation Plants For Connecticut & New York Landscapes

The plantings around your home’s foundation can speak volumes. Are the shrubs so overgrown they block your windows? Are the plants so sparse your neighbors can see your not-so-lovely foundation? The right mix of foundation plants can make or break a home’s curb appeal. The real challenge for homeowners can be deciding exactly what to … Continued

Are Native Plants Right For Your New York Or Connecticut Landscape?

It’s easy to get wowed by pretty plants without knowing much about them. Then you wonder: why do they need so much water? Why aren’t they attracting any birds or butterflies? It could be because they’re not from around here. Plan your landscape using native plants — plants original to your area of the country … Continued