Garden Beauties That Stand Up To The Summer Heat

A hot summer day can wilt the sturdiest among us: We fade. We droop. We’re dull and listless. We gasp for water. Your garden’s no different. The heat of summer can make the perkiest garden fade fast. Summer can sizzle in New York and Connecticut, even though it’s not the Sahara. But some flowers love the […]

Arbor Day 2014: What’s Not To Love About Trees?

Great things happen around trees. Picnics. Lazy afternoons with good books. Make-believe pirate battles. Long, blissful naps in hammocks. There are so many benefits to having a tree or two (or six) around. And with Arbor Day quickly approaching — this year, it falls on Friday, April 25 — we’re in the mood to celebrate all […]

How Much Mulch Is Too Much?

Mulch envy. It’s a real thing. Who hasn’t happened upon the perfectly mulched landscape and sighed, overcome with mulch envy? Mulch is a wonderful thing. Used right, it can help to conserve water, shield your plants’ roots from temperature extremes and discourage the growth of weeds. Plus, it looks good. Decorative mulch can add color […]