What Are Invasive Plants In New York — And Other Plants To Avoid?

The ground is still covered with snow, but we can sense your itchy gardener fingers from here. We’re all daydreaming of adding oodles of blooming beauties to our gardens this year. Not so fast. While there are seemingly limitless options for your planting beds and borders, some plants you should flat-out avoid: Invasive plants in … Read More

Colorful And Fragrant — The 9 Best Shrubs For The Northeast

Shrubs are the dependable workhorses of the landscape. They anchor our foundation plantings, line up obediently in rows for hedges and provide great background for the divas of the garden — showy annuals and perennials. But some flowering shrubs get downright huffy if you call them “dependable” and “workhorses.” They have spectacular blooms that stop … Read More

4 Outdoor Living Trends For 2016 In Hudson Valley

If you spend every minute possible outside on your deck, your patio, or lounging by your pool, this is not your favorite time of year here in the Hudson Valley. We hear you. The pool is covered, the patio furniture is stowed away and your grill is encased in a slick coating of frost. Even … Read More

5 Foundation Planting Ideas For Northeast Landscapes

Years ago, foundation plantings were mainly used to hide the plain, ugly bases of older houses. Houses are built with prettier foundations these days, but foundation plantings are still a great way to soften hard edges, blend your home into its surroundings and offer a pretty, welcoming first impression. Consider this front area part of … Read More

The 25 Best Foundation Plants For Northeast Landscapes

The plantings around your home’s foundation are like a blooming welcome mat. They soften that severe edge where your house meets the ground. They give your home a friendly vibe that shows you care about your property’s appearance. The right mix of foundation plants can make or break a home’s curb appeal. But what to … Read More

5 Best Outdoor Entertainment Ideas For Your Landscape This Fall

We love to be outside so much, we’re bringing all the comforts of the indoors out there with us. Outdoor entertaining these days means more than a few lawn chairs, a cooler and a grill. We’re watching TV outside. Perfecting our wood-fired pizzas. Snuggling up in front of a crackling fire. Who needs the indoors? … Read More

5 Container Gardening Tips To Enhance Your Home Entryway

We can’t say enough good things about container gardens. They’re perfect little mini gardens, tucked adorably in a pot. They create instant visual appeal, no matter where you place them. They’re fun to design and easy to plant. Poor soil in your yard? No space for a full-size garden? Containers to the rescue. The choices … Read More

What Is The Best Mulch For Landscaping A New York or Connecticut Home?

Mulch isn’t the prettiest word in landscaping lingo, but it’s a wonderful thing. It can help to conserve water, shield your plants’ roots from temperature extremes and discourage the growth of weeds. Over time, mulches made from organic materials break down and increase your soil’s fertility. Plus, it looks good. Decorative mulch can add color … Read More