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Imagine coming home to a beautiful yard like this every day. Find out how you can turn your yard into a downright gorgeous outdoor landscape.goshen landscape design

At Neave Landscaping, we’re the trusted landscape professionals that deliver all-in-one solutions to give you the perfect-looking outdoor landscape.

Our expert landscaping service has been recognized by “Best of houzz 2016 & 2017” for excellence in customer service and named “Best of Hudson Valley for Landscape Design” by Hudson Valley Magazine. We have proudly become the go-to landscape team for the Goshen, NY area and are ready to help you transform your yard into a blissful outdoor paradise.

What We Do:

We deliver the residents of Goshen, NY and the surrounding area complete solutions for outstanding back and front yard landscaping designs, construction, and maintenance. With Neave Landscaping, you don’t just get pretty flowers or a new custom patio, you invest in an outdoor living space that adds high-end value and highlights the beauty of your home.

Innovative Landscape Design

Whether you’re looking for a garden full of unique flowers, beautiful foundation plantings, or a custom stonework patio, we will design it just the way you want it. You start by working with one of our professionally trained landscape designers and certified landscape architects to dream up a landscape that checks off everything you’re looking for. Plus, we’ll create a 3D rendering of your landscape design so you can see exactly how it will look before we start construction.

Expert Landscape Constructionbest landscapers goshen 

Not only do we design the layout of your yard, our professional team will get it built from start to finish. We’re with you every step and will serve as both the coordinator and project manager – we don’t waste your time getting the runaround from multiple outside contractors, we’re your only point of contact. So whether you’re looking to restore or create a whole new outdoor landscape, we’ll build it, and build it right. Plus, Neave Group offers quality and award-winning outdoor solutions for all your pool, carpentry, and masonry needs.

Perfect Landscape Plantings

The highlight of any luxurious landscape is a one-of-a-kind display of beautiful plantings. Our experts walk with you through your yard to get an idea about what flowers, shrubs, and trees will bring out the best in your landscape. Trust us, nothing will impress your Goshen neighbors more than adding a ravishing collection of aromatic flowers and shrubs, or even a gorgeous backyard butterfly and bird garden. We’ll also recommend the best plantings that not only look great and can add privacy, but help with unwanted infestations and maintenance costs.

Professional Tree/Plant Removal

Let us help you find and plant the trees that will be the foundation for your landscape. Trees are a great way to add beautiful value, privacy and shade. And who doesn’t want an attractive profile of a Red Maple or Crabapple Tree highlighting their yard? Plus, the experts at Neave Landscaping will help you remove any unwanted trees that are out of place or have been damaged.

Quality Landscape Maintenanceneave landscaping goshen

You don’t want to be the only one in your neighborhood without a well-kept yard, right? For over 44 years, residents of Goshen, NY and the surrounding area have trusted our licensed landscape maintenance professionals to create custom lawn maintenance and care programs to help keep your yard looking fresh all spring and summer long.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Landscaping Needs

At Neave Landscaping, we combine elegance and excellence when it comes to outdoor landscape designs and maintenance. Our exceptional customer service and expertise will prove why we’ve become the number one landscape design experts in New York and Connecticut. Our team of certified and trained designers, planners, and landscape architects always deliver quality work and are always ready to lend a helping hand. If you’re looking for an attractive and functional landscape that blends perfectly with your elegant home and luxurious lifestyle, Neave Landscaping will get it done. 

Contact us today or call us at (845) 463-0592 to set up an appointment.


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