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If you love the native plants of the Hudson Valley and surrounding area, you should consider planting a natural garden. Are you enamored with the native plant species in your area? If so, Neave Landscaping is the perfect planting partner to work with. We can help you design and install a natural garden using plants native to your region.

Natural Garden

The benefits of using native plant life in natural gardens are many. First, it cuts down on guesswork when it comes to maintenance. Since the plants already thrive in your area, you know that they’ll be able to bloom in your backyard. Maintenance will cost less, since most native plant life doesn’t require supplemental irrigation or fertilization in order to do well. Less work means that you’ll save more money even if you’re doing most of the handiwork yourself.

Installation is also simpler with natural gardens since the existing soil on your property is suited for the native plant life in your region. Our experts will still run tests to ensure that your soil offers the ideal mix of nutrients for these plants, but chances are high that the bedding in your backyard is already set to go. Soil composition tests can reveal nutrient deficiencies when importing foreign plant life. Using plants that organically grow in your area can virtually eliminate this concern.

Many of our clients choose to install natural gardens because of their simple maintenance requirements and low initial costs. They also offer bragging rights since you can boast your endorsement of naturally occurring plant life in your own backyard. Sometimes, the best choices for ornamental plant decoration are the ones growing outside to begin with.

Contact Neave Landscaping today get started on your natural garden displaying the most beautiful plants from the region!

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Scott Neave and his team of professionals did a complete overhaul of our new construction home back in 2010. They leveled our yard, bluestone patio around pool, walkways, lighting, sprinkler systems, plantings, sod etc. The project was very involved with many moving parts. The best part of working with Neave was the one stop shopping and having all the professionals working in concert. I have recommended Neave to many of my friends and they have continued to impress.
Bryan S.Croton on Hudson, NY

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